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Disney's Magical Mirror

By Nintendo
It's just like an animated feature starring Mickey, only you get to control the mouse himself. Here's the story: One night, a mischievous ghost traps a sleepwalking Mickey Mouse in a magical mirror. Stuck in an alternate universe that strangely resembles his own house, Mickey yearns to get back through the mirror. Returning won't be easy, though--Mickey must first recover the broken mirror pieces that have been strewn about his house by the prankish poltergeist. The simple yet elegant gameplay mechanics are accessible to younger gamers. You control a glove, pointing and clicking to guide Mickey to his next destination. Just as in an authentic Mickey cartoon, you will have to outwit enemies and pull gags. You will also be able to uncover special souvenirs, such as Pluto's collar or Minnie's bow, which are all displayed in Mickey's room at the end of the game. Mickey is highly expressive, reacting emotionally to what you do and what he encounters. He may express curiosity, get mad, fall down, run away, or stand his ground.

Mickey can receive extra help if you connect with Disney's Magical Quest Starring Mickey and Minnie for Game Boy Advance using the special GameCube/Game Boy Advance cable. A parent mode allows an adult and child to play along together, with the adult controlling Mickey.

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