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New York has to be one of the greatest places in America, if not the world. Luckily for us, many authors have chronicled The Big Apple's antics in a way just right for kids.

Here are some of the books available. This is not yet a complete list, but I'm adding books to the list daily. If you wish to purchase any of these books, click on either the title or the book cover to be directed to As a warning, I have put up pictures of the book covers to give you somewhat an idea of the style of each book (I know, I know. "Don't judge a book by its cover") so the pages may load slowly, depending on the speed of your internet connection.

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Books for Beginning Readers

"N" is for New York

By Mary Bowman-Kruhm
This innovative series introduces children to the alphabet while giving them interesting information about a state. Each letter of the alphabet is presented over two pages that contain: the letter in both upper and lower case, a four-sentence explanation of the topic explored under each letter, and a photograph and illustration depicting the topic. "I" Is for Illinois is a journey from Chicago across the prairie and on to the river cities of southern Illinois, introducing along the way Frank Lloyd Wright, Chief Black Hawk, Michael Jordan, and Jane Addams. In "N" Is for New York, kids learn that "A" is for apple . . . Big Apple, that is.

Description from Publisher

New York Fun Facts & Games by Mary Bowman-Kruhm
Fun Facts & Games : New York is an interactive workbook designed to entertain, teach and stimulate children to learn more about the area where they live, will visit or would like to visit. The activities contained in the book include coloring pages, connect the dots and mazes. Topics presented in the New York Fun Facts & Games include famous people, history, geography and neighboring states and countries.

Description from Publisher

New York (Rookie Read-About Geography)

By Sarah De Capua
Introduces the state of New York and its cities and towns, geographical features, interesting sights, and more.

Description from Publisher

New York Facts and Symbols

By Emily McAuliffe
Presents information about the state of New York, its nickname, motto, and emblems.

Jam-packed with information, these books are an ideal resource for report writing and teaching. Fast Facts highlight each state's capital city, largest city, physical size, population, natural resources, and primary manufactured goods. Easy-to-read text covers major state symbols, such as the state flag, seal, bird, tree, flower, animal, and more. The last chapter caps off the reader's experience with a list of fun places to visit.

Description from Publisher

Books for Older Readers

New York (From Sea to Shining Sea)

By Kristin Cotter
Illustrations and text present the history, geography, people, politics and government, economy, and social life and customs of the Empire State.

Description from Publisher

New York (America the Beautiful)

By Ann Heinrichs
Each state is unique and has its own story to tell, and Children's Press-the foremost publisher of books about the states-has told these stories to several generations of young readers. America the Beautiful, Second Series, carries on the brilliant tradition established by the first series, which was a staple on every children's library shelves.

Describes the geography, plants, animals, history, economy, language, religions, culture, sports, art, and people of the state of New York.

Description from Publisher

New York (This Land Is Your Land)

By Ann Heinrichs
The books in this information-packed new series are perfect for visiting and writing reports on the fifty states, Washington D.C., and Puerto Rico. Each volume is filled with valuable information about the state's history, goegraphy, and culture, and includes many colorful images and original maps. Written for second to forth grade students, the text is easily understood and aligns to curriculum standards for state studies.
Description from Publisher

Two volumes present personable tours of countries to the north and south of the United States. Included is information on geography, history, economy, government, and culture, as well as on major tourist sites (Quebec City) and customs unique to each (The Day of the Dead). Bright color photographs compensate for busy designs.

Description from Horn Book

States Shapes: New York

By Erik A. Bruun
This fresh new series of illustrated, fact- and fun-filled books entertains while educating kids-and parents, too.

These colorful, fact-filled books are irresistible! Die-cut in the shape of the state, each one takes readers on a fascinating journey to visit all the intriguing places, meet famous and historic figures, learn about animals and wildlife and experience the culture that makes each state unique. Packed with fun facts, exciting history and fascinating folklore, State Shapes are illustrated with a warmth, humor and flare that will appeal to kids and parents alike. Learning is fun with State Shapes.

Description from Publisher

New York (One Nation)

By Bridgestone Books
This 52-book series covers each of the 50 United States, Puerto Rico, and the District of Columbia. Each book discusses the state flag and symbols, statistics, history, land features, population makeup, historic landmarks, economy, and fascinating sites of the state. Back-of-the-book sections include a listing of famous citizens of the state and a time line of historical events. Challenged students are able to use these books successfully for writing research reports because of the simple organization and straightforward subtitles.

Description from Publisher

New York: A Myreportlinks.Com Book

By Corinne J. Naden and Rose Blue
Authors Corrine J. Naden and Rose Blue team up to put the reader in a “New York State of Mind.” New York boasts a rich natural and cultural diversity, from the picturesque Adirondack mountains to skyscrapers such as the Empire State Building in Manhattan. This book offers fun and interesting facts and legends about the Empire State, including how the Big Apple got its name, and a town that is said to be haunted.

Description from Publisher

Combining text and technology, these titles provide students with plenty of information for classroom research or personal inquiry. Five pages of annotated Internet addresses precede the chapters. The quality sites can be accessed through the MyReportLinks site; a password is provided and the publisher states that it "will keep these Report Links up to date on- [the Web site] for three years from the book's first publication date." Once there, users find a simple and uncluttered page that provides subject links and a keyword search option. Each specific state link leads to a table. A page of easy-to-use quick facts covers general information about the state such as famous people and interesting locations. Other chapters cover land and climate, economy, government, and history with each spread replicating the format of a computer screen in Internet Explorer. Plentiful color photos, maps, and pictures of actual Web pages varying in contrast and sharpness complement the information. The simple sentence and paragraph structure, as well as the layout of the text and the Web-site design, allow for quick access to information.

Description from School Library Journal

A Historical Album of New York

By Monique Avakian and Carter Smith
Surveys the history of New York State, from pre-colonial times through its industrial, political, and social development to current economic and environmental concerns. Gazetteer includes map, statistics, and other facts.

Description from Publisher

Heavily illustrated volume that provide sweeping overviews of New York's early Native American civilizations, European exploration and settlement, statehood, industrial development, and modern-day concerns. Attention is given to the role natural resources play in the areas' growth and development, as well as the contributions made by various immigrant groups. Quick facts, maps, important dates, and famous personalities are appended. Although the books are written in a clear, readable style, much of the same information can be found in the America the Beautiful series (Childrens). What sets these titles apart is the inclusion of black-and-white and full-color photographs and archival reproductions that embellish the descriptions of events. Students doing research on either of these states will glean facts easily, although they will have to look elsewhere for in-depth details

Description from School Library Journal

New York

By Amy Gelman
Although known primarily for things found in New York City--like the Statue of Liberty, the Empire State Building, and Central Park--New York is also a state filled with quiet countryside and the Appalachian Mountains. Learn more about the place where America originially had its capital with this informative guide to the Empire State.

Description from Publisher

Awesome Almanac: New York

By John Grabowski
Enjoy facts about New York state which blends details with fiction in an inviting and entertaining guide which makes the perfect accompaniment to any travel guide or term project in school. This book invites browsing, exploring some of New York's unusual characters and events.

Description from Midwest Book Review

New York History

By Mark Stewart
Finally, a series as big as your state! Get an in-depth study of your state - its industry, climate, history, native peoples, ethnic groups, and native and endangered plants and animals - through narrative, charts, graphs, maps, and biographical sketches.

Description from Publisher

How to Draw New York's Sights and Symbols

By Jaycee Kuedee
This colorful book combines fascinating facts about key sights and symbols of New York, such as the state seal, flag, bird, and capitol building, with simple, easy-to-follow drawing instructions and stunning photographs. Including information on cultural and natural landmarks, geographical features, historical events and the economic conditions of the state, this book is a perfect resource for state reports.

Description from Publisher

New York School Trivia!

By Carole Marsh
Would your students believe that a 3-month school year might not be a good thing? Would you believe that Nintendo is concerned with children's education? Believe it or not, there's lots of fascinating information about schools in New York. You won't believe how much things have changed, and how much they've stayed the same. New York students once wrote on birch bark and had to make their own ink; now they use pink candy-filled erasers! In the eighteenth century, Thomas Jefferson lamented the lack of science teachers - this sounds familiar today! This book will teach you about the history of schools in New York, but mostly it will help you and your students see that school can be interesting . . . and there's always more to learn. Free teacher's guide gives specific suggestions and instructions on how to get max educational value from this book. Something students & teachers can enjoy equally together - perhaps the best lesson of all?!

Description from Publisher

New York

By John Escott

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